About Us

Our center has been conducting its activities since 2006 on the purpose of conducting research activities to children, to the staff working with children, to mothers-fathers and presenting education and consultancy services for the institutions and establishments related to the children issues.

Legal: Gazi University Child Development Research, Application and Education Center dated 15.04. 2004 (Reference:numbered 25434, Establishment Regulation is published in The Official Gazette) started its activities on the date of 24.02.2006.

Purpose: The establishment purpose of the center  is conducting national and international research, application and education activities related to the children issues.

Our Center which is a leader at a national level, has a voice and is known at an international level related to the children issues at the ages of 0-18; active in the fields of child development and education which the society and the children of the country need, has the vision of being a reference center with its innovative, work oriented and conducting lifelong education activities.

Gazi University Child Development Research, Application and Education Center has the purpose of servicing in the activity fields with its Establishment Regulation as below :

  • Organizing and conducting scientific research, development works among university, public and the private sector, encouraging the research conducted, supporting and suggesting to related establishments.

  • Contributing to the development of scientific fields at the university, coordinating research, education programmes, conducting and helping to be conducted.

  • Satisfying the in-service demands of the public and the private sector establishments’ family education, child development and education, pre-school education, special education and so on. For his purpose, starting courses, seminars and short or long term periodic education programmes, searching solutions to these establishments’ problems. Preparing projects and performing the research of the education activities and their development and providing their coordination.

  • On the purpose of educating the university staff, other personnel, educators and the society, broadcasting suchlike magazine, newspaper, brochure, organizing in-service education programmes.

  • For distance education, preparing internet, radio, television programmes, video cassettes, CDs, broadcasting.

  • About the issues concerning the working fields of the Center, organizing national/international meetings, providing collaboration with in the country–abroad science, research, observation institutions, private/ public institutions,with foundations and associations, exchanging scientific information and service.

  • About the issues concerning the working fields of the Center, presenting education consultancy services, programme development, observing development and evaluation, developing education material and children publications.